Who We Are


With decades of combined industry experience, the Rothschild Financial team embodies a depth of knowledge and expertise unrivaled in the financial advisory sector. We’ve been empowering businesses with bespoke financial solutions, ensuring their financial health and fueling their growth journeys.

Optimizing Each Aspect of Your Wealth

At Rothschild Financial, we understand the complexities of wealth management. We believe that your wealth isn’t just about numbers; it’s the catalyst of your business growth, your financial freedom, and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Wealth: Your Most Important Business

Think of your wealth as your most important business. As your financial advisors, we help you manage it with strategic foresight, ensuring it grows and supports your business goals. We’re experienced, we’re knowledgeable, and we’re committed to your financial success.

You Are the CEO of Your Wealth

You’re in charge of your wealth, and we are here to offer expert guidance. Like a CFO to a CEO, we provide the insights, strategies, and tools you need to make informed decisions about your wealth and business.

Our Focus: Building and Retaining Your Wealth

Our expertise goes beyond conventional financial planning. At Rothschild Financial, we focus on wealth creation and preservation, helping businesses in Sandy Springs and across the nation build and retain their wealth.

The CFO to Businesses from Every Domain

Rothschild Financial takes pride in being a virtual CFO to businesses from a myriad of domains. Our tailored financial planning, wealth planning, and business financial consulting services ensure a comprehensive approach to your financial health, no matter your industry.

The Fiduciary Responsibility We Carry

As your CFO, we recognize the immense fiduciary responsibility we carry. Our commitment is built on trust, integrity, and a strict adherence to ethical standards. We treat your wealth and business as our own, always prioritizing your best interests.

“Building wealth is a process of managing risk, not ignoring it.”

– Jonathan S. Kestenbaum, Noted Entrepreneur and Investor.

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